Attorney Profile

Pierre C. Rumpf

Pierre C. Rumpf

Professional Background

For over two decades as an attorney admitted to practice in Massachusetts, Pierre Rumpf and his clients have enjoyed a variety of legal victories and accomplishments. He first worked with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office. Specifically, as an Assistant Attorney General working in the Victim & Witness Assistance Division of the Family & Community Crimes Bureau, thereby developing an even more intimate understanding of the Commonwealth’s legal system.

For several years, Pierre Rumpf was an in-house attorney for a corporation. He handled all of the corporate legal concerns, including Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act claims.

As a solo practitioner for over twenty years, Pierre Rumpf has been involved with, and/or assembled legal teams that have handled a vast array of complex legal matters. He's used his impressive negotiation skills to facilitate the selling of his client's cases to law firms who specialize in personal injury, so his clients do not have to come-up with any pre-litigation, out-of-pocket retainers or expenses.

Currently, Pierre Rumpf's primary focus includes the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, slip-and-fall, product liability, and other instances of tortious injuries. He helps a variety of clients secure remuneration for any and all of these types of injuries. Additionally, he assists loved ones of those harmed by negligence in complex wrongful death cases. His efforts have delivered justice, extensive compensation, and the closure clients need to move on with their lives.