When faced with a devastating loss of a family member, as a result of medical malpractice, I did not know where to turn. At no cost to me, I consulted Attorney Pierre Rumpf who listened to all that occurred, from beginning-to-end.

After listening to all the facts, via in-person meetings, phone conferences, e-mails, etc., as well as assisting in my gathering and scanning all relevant medical documents, Pierre told me that he had a vast network of associates that specialized in the area of medical malpractice. He told me that personal injury and medical malpractice law were typically done by a contingent fee arrangement (no retainer) with the law firm that brings the case forward. As such, since the law firm does not receive a retainer up-front, the case has to be very appealing for that firm to take it on contingency.

This required Pierre to then package and sell my case to one of his associate firms in hopes that they would take the case on contingency. His first attempt was unsuccessful, but that didn't stop Pierre. He persisted by consulting another one of his associate firms and I'm glad he did. They accepted the case. Because that firm felt as strongly about my case as Pierre & I do. Since then, the case has commenced, and as promised, Pierre is following the case from beginning-to-end, and informing me of updates as they occur.

I'm very thankful that I first consulted Pierre. He calmly stepped me through the process, alleviating my concerns and anxieties, and now I can rest easy knowing that my case is being handled professionally. I strongly endorse Attorney Rumpf if you ever need an Attorney.



Having worked together on numerous cases, I endorse this lawyer. I've known Pierre for approximately 22 years. Pierre is an excellent choice for many legal needs such as real estate, litigation and personal injury matters. Pierre is very professional, detail oriented and a great communicator. Pierre cares very deeply about his clients and the quality of representation they receive.


Attorney Peter Nicosia